From now on, all tooltips and system messages are written in first person

Dear Sharpay System Users!

All tooltips and system messages of have been rewritten. Now you read them in first person (from yourself, to yourself, etc. with a link to file with 29 pages of all our corrections and improvements).

On the Internet, it is generally accepted to address to users all tooltips and system messages, referring “to you”, “for you”, etc. It so happened, this is the worldwide practice of site owners and webmasters. At the same time, various studies are periodically carried out on how to better communicate with users, how to call them best. When a user reads a message to himself from the site, in what form does he understand it? And most importantly, how does this affect conversions?

Recently, we have studied different use cases and reports about improving communication and attracting users to try different new features. We found that a study from Unbounce, a company that provides web landing services, showing that changing texts from the second person to the first person resulted in a 90% increase in clicks. We studied the results and considered different aspects and usages. We realized that this is a bomb and that’s cool. We decided to use first person style for all our tooltips and system messages.

Therefore, we reviewed and refined our tooltips and system messages in order to deliver users the easiest and the most understandable meanings. We believe that first person text style can attract users to try different new features, and also the new improved system messages can avoid a lot of misunderstandings. We made a lot of edits and replacements.
You may check the full changes of our tooltips and system messages here (29 pages, Eng).

In the interests of our international community, we have translated all tooltips and system messages in 4 basic languages: English, Chinese, Korean and Russian. In English, Chinese and Russian we did it very well. Unfortunately, the Korean language remains a weak point so far, we have translated, but so-so (( We are still looking for an activist (a native speaker of English and Korean) who will help us to improve all our Korean translations. For a very good bounty. Activists, please contact our Admin!

In Sharing We Trust! Team