Sharpay development update in Oct #1

Dear Community!

Sharpay development update: added reward information window for direct sharing, added frozen rewards information for webmasters, updated sharing window for direct sharing, etc.

We care about every detail of our Sharpay system, we spent a lot of time on improving our sharing window and system interface. Let us share with you some of the completed tasks:

1) Added reward information window for direct sharing. We have improved the direct share buttons, and added a 5 seconds window with reward information. Now, when a user shares website content from direct share buttons, it will display a 5 seconds window showing how much he can earn from other visitors clicking and visiting his shared link.

2) Added frozen rewards information for webmasters. Every time, when users share website content and earn potential token rewards, our system will freeze webmaster’s tokens for the rewards and check the sharing. We added the frozen tokens information for webmasters in wallet page, webmasters are able to see how many tokens are frozen for the sharing and visiting.

3) Added the ability to share content without activation and without rewards. We have made a new efficient update of the sharing window for the convenience of ordinary users. When users use our direct share buttons to share websites’ content, they can choose whether to activate one of their social network accounts to share with rewards or just skip the account activation and continue to share without receiving any rewards. Some users do not need this. They don’t need rewards, they just want to share content. We have taken into account the opinion of such users.

4) Fixed the photo link error in sharing history. We found that if users shared a photo on their social media, and the URL of that photo was too long and exceed certain length, the photo in the sharing history would not be shown properly. Users were not able to see their shared photos in sharing history. We increased the photo length setting and fixed this error.

5) Fixed token reward rate bug in conversion event setting. In our regular system testing, we found out that there was a token reward rate bug in the conversion event setting. Users were able to set any unreasonable numbers for the conversion reward. We have fixed the conversion reward bug.

6) Fixed the cryptocurrency icons display bug. During our system testing, we discovered that the cryptocurrency icon images in the wallet page are blocked by adblock services because of ad-related keywords. Before, we only used the image URLs from CoinMarketCap to display the cryptocurrency icons. Now, we save the icons to our side to avoid adblock blocking image.

In Sharing We Trust! Team