Sharpay development update in Oct #2

Dear Members!

Sharpay development update: improved social network sorting in direct sharing widget, added a script for adding text in different positions, reduced requests of number of shares in direct sharing widget, etc.

This week, we focused on improving direct sharing widget and made a lot of changes and new features. Let’s share with you some of our completed tasks.

1) Improved social network sorting in direct sharing widget. Before, the correct sorting of social networks in direct sharing widget was displayed only when user visited the second page of the website. Now, our system will first get a list of social networks and sort it for users, and only after that the system will display the direct sharing widget.

2) Added a script in direct sharing widget for adding text in different positions. We added a supplementary script in direct sharing widget’s JavaScript file. The new script allows system to add text in different positions of the direct sharing widget. It is also helpful in testing and adding new designs to the current widget.

3) Reduced server requests of number of shares in direct sharing widget. Before, for the old direct sharing widget, we made a separate request from each widget to our server to get the number of shares. If the direct sharing buttons contained 10 different social network widgets with a counter, we would receive 10 requests to the server to get the number of shares for the counter. We changed and code and reduced the requests. Now, there will be only one request in such case.

4) Added a new social network sorting element in our database. We considered different elements in sorting social networks for direct sharing buttons, we recently added an element which allows system to sort social networks by country by popularity based on, a website that provides web analytics services for businesses. We added more regions with their own sorting of social networks. Now, for 48 countries we have the opportunity to show first the social networks which are more often used in those countries. The data on the frequency of use of social networks in different regions was taken from

5) Added a summary of users’ wallets in system Admin panel. We added a summary of all users’ wallets in our system Admin panel for monitoring changes, errors and conducting statistics. It is useful for our Admin to keep track of the changes and help users when there is an error in the transaction.

We are working on new style options for direct share buttons, we will soon announce it in special news. The new style options will give webmasters an opportunity to design and color their own buttons, with extra captions and details! Stay tuned with us!

In Sharing We Trust! Team