Tell us your idea and win S tokens

Dear Sharpay Community Members!

Let’s grow together! A new bounty task for you to join to help expand our Sharpay project!

We are accepting all new ideas and feedback that can improve our Sharpay project. Everyone can join this bounty task. Follow the below simple steps, send us your suggestions and you will have a chance to win at least 1,000 S tokens!

How to join:
1. Log into your Sharpay account.
2. Scroll down to “Bounty Tasks” section.
3. Find the “New ideas” bounty task and read the details.
4. Hit “Send feedback” button.
5. Write down your ideas and click “Send message”.

Bounty rewards:
🔸 The minimum reward for each winning idea is 1,000 S tokens, and there is no maximum reward for each winning idea.
🔸 We will decide the size of the reward for each winning idea if we believe your idea is worth more than the minimum reward.

🔸 You can submit as many as new ideas you want, but you cannot submit the same idea multiple times.
🔸 There is no deadline for this task. You may submit your idea anytime you want.
🔸 We will review and select the winning ideas from time to time. We will notify you directly if you win this bounty task. We will also announce the results on our social media.

Join this bounty task now! Tell us what we need to improve our Sharpay project!

In Sharing We Trust! Team