Try our new modal sharing window!

Dear Webmasters!

New modal sharing window for the future sharing activated! All websites with Sharpay buttons are upgraded with the new modal sharing window.

As we have substantially changed the sharing window in the new Sharpay’s UI / UX (dashboards and sharing windows), we paid a lot of attention to sharing window in modal style and its convenience. We noticed that after the release, many webmasters did not know that they could change the browser sharing window to modal sharing window for the convenience of users. We thought thoroughly and decided to make the automatic transition of all sites to use only modal sharing window.

Yesterday we made this mandatory update in our sharing system for all websites. We removed the option to choose between sharing window in browser window and modal window. Now you can see how modal sharing window looks by clicking on the Sharpay button installed on your website.

If you installed our share buttons in “Static” or “Floating” type, you will have a modal sharing window automatically. However, if you are using the “Direct” share button type, the sharing window will open in a new browser window, and lead you directly to the designated social media. Believe us, the modal sharing window is better and more stylish. We have designed it to fit any device.

If for some reason you insist to have the sharing window opened in browser window style instead of modal window, please write to our admin ( We would like to hear from you.

In Sharing We Trust! Team