New sites with Sharpay buttons in Aug #2

Dear Sharpay Supporters!

There are a number of social media marketing tools to bring traffic to websites, generate more leads, increase conversions, and get more customers. Sharpay share buttons offer the most economic and easiest way for webmasters to get the best marketing results. Many new websites are using our share buttons.

Let’s see some of them:

1) Techyoga. It covers the entire breadth of technology, entertainment, sports etc. ensures that readers stay ahead in today’s world. (English)

2) Vahine Production. This website gives you travel guides and road trips in Europe, Japan, Australia, Vietnam and New Zealand. (French)

3) Czvetbivsegda. A blog about flowers. Flowers are free beauties of nature, visit their website and find out more. (Russian)

Don’t forget that we have bounty tasks for all users to earn free S tokens. If you are a webmaster, complete one of the tasks by adding Sharpay buttons to your websites. You can get 100 S tokens for free!

In Sharing We Trust! Team