Sharpay development update in Aug #1

Dear Community!

Sharpay development update: fixed a XSS bug in project editor, added a feedback program for users, added and refined the help section for webmasters, improved the mobile version of our application, etc.

Recently we have upgraded our sharing window and user panel with the latest UX/UI design, we keep testing and improving our application to ensure it is running at peak performance. Here are some development tasks we have completed:

1) Fixed a XSS bug in project editor. Thanks to our bounty hunter NG, he discovered a Cross-site Scripting (XSS) bug in project editor that could let hackers execute malicious scripts in our application. Our Tech team review and fixed it immediately and reward him with S tokens for reporting this bug.

Thanks to this bounty hunter, our Tech team performed numerous deep scans of our application. We have found another critical bug and we fixed it.

2) Added a feedback program for users. We created a feedback program for users, and they are now able to send us their suggestions, feedback about our application through the Feedback form. The feedback program is created also for a continuous bounty program that we will tell you in a separate news soon.

3) Added and refined the help section for webmasters. We added and refined the help section for webmasters, especially for those who are new to our system. We added instructions for different button installation methods, project settings and project statistical reports.

4) Improved the mobile version of our application. Using our new interface design framework, we improved the mobile version of our application. There were some small design improvements we made, for example, refined the help cards presentation, fixed the mobile navigation and user guide animation, improved the notification design in mobile version.

5) Created transaction records for users. We have created transaction records to show the commission for withdrawal and the use of alternative tokens, users will be able to see the details for all transactions in the new interface.

6) Set up token info from CMC. We made a script to get the token logo, description and website link from CoinMarketCap and display them next to the token name.

7) Fixed an error about updating data from CMC. There was an error when our system tried to update data from CMC. We have updated the parameters and fixed the error.

In Sharing We Trust! Team