New sites with Sharpay buttons in Jun #3

Hello Everyone!

Blockchain technology is growing rapidly and it has a great potential to disrupt and revolutionize all industries. Sharpay share buttons with blockchain rewards are improving the existing social media marketing.

Let us share with you some new websites that are using our Sharpay share buttons:

1) ThomaStory. A Korean blog about travel information, movie introduction, books and products reviews. (Korean)

2) Gun Control Forums. You can ask questions, find information, discuss and debate about hunting and gun control on this website. (English)

3) Alert-ua. A personal blog about author’s daily life, trips to different countries including Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, Cyprus. (Russian)

If you haven’t tried to earn S tokens from sharing interesting sites’ content to your social networks using Sharpay share buttons , try — it is very easy!

1) Go to the sites on which the Sharpay share buttons are installed, read them.

2) If you like the content, find the Sharpay share button with our logo, similar to the oblique $ symbol.

3) Click on the button, write your comment, select the social networks which you want to send the content to.

4) And click “Share”!

For each organic visit of your readers via your shared link, you will receive S tokens!

In Sharing We Trust! Team