Sharpay – share buttons with blockchain rewards

Dear Blockchain and Social Networks Community!

What is Sharpay? And what problems is Sharpay going to solve? We believe some people still cannot get around these questions. Today, we want to tell you more about our Sharpay share buttons with blockchain rewards.

There are 1 bln sites in the world and the number is growing by 5–7% annually. However, only 3% of them use share buttons — only 30 mln sites.

Over 3 bln people use social networks, of which 10% are active users, the social network advertising spending is expected to grow up to $76 billion in 2020. The most popular users on social networks, such as, top Instagram influencers, have been using their popularity to earn money from social network advertising.

This is a tremendously large untapped market in the world. When blockchain technologies started gaining huge popularity, and tokenization appeared and became trendy, we decided to refine the existing social media marketing tools and utilize the cryptocurrencies. And our project Sharpay — share buttons with blockchain rewards was born.

For every organic share or organic visit users make using our Sharpay buttons, they will be rewarded with S tokens. It is a wonderful motivation for users to share content and monetize their popularity on their social networks by earning cryptocurrencies.

Our main sharing with blockchain rewards feature is automatic, unique and has no analogues. Sharpay not only has a tremendous potential to disrupt and refine the existing social media marketing, but also can popularize the use of cryptocurrency by the idea of sharing, and everyone can benefit in this blockchain era.

🔸 For users. With our Sharpay share buttons, they are able to monetize their social popularity to earn cryptocurrencies by sharing and promoting website’s content on their social networks. The more visitors they attract to visit the websites, the higher conversion rewards they will receive.

🔸 For websites. It is a revolutionary social media marketing tool that helps them to promote their online businesses on social networks. It is simple to use, user-friendly and cost-efficient compared to the existing social media marketing tools.

Our share buttons have connected to more than 13 different most popular social networks and messengers in the world, including Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Line and Weibo. Don’t miss the chance to join the revolution, join our Sharpay family here, start using our Sharpay buttons now!

In Sharing We Trust! Team