Sharpay development update in Jun #2

Dear Sharpay Community!

Sharpay development update: fixed VK registration error, refined sharing bonus calculation, improve FB page binding, fixed token bonus resolving bug, added transaction filter for bounty tasks, etc.

During the long continuous development of our Sharpay project, we keep adding new features on it. Also, we keep reviewing our Sharpay buttons and fixing bugs to give our button users the best product. Here are some improvements we made:

1) Fixed VK registration error. Recently, we found an error regarding VK account registration. Null value would insert into username in the database and get rejected by the system. We found the code caused the error and fixed it.

2) Refined sharing bonus calculation. We have refined the sharing bonus calculation. In this refinement, we fixed the maximum daily bonus, ignored the zero bonuses in the calculation, added bonus decline reason and improved the calculation logging.

3) Improved FB page binding. We improved the FB page binding for users. If the user has only one FB page, but not multiple FB pages, when he binds his FB page to his Sharpay account, the system will automatically connect it after authorization.

4) Fixed token bonus resolving bug. In our admin token moderation section, if the frozen tokens were released without changing the user status first, the tokens would be declined by our system. We found the bug in our code and fixed it.

5) Added transaction filter for bounty tasks in admin panel. In our system admin panel, we have added the filter for bounty task bonus transactions. Our admins are able to check the bounty task transactions for all users and make statistics accordingly.

6) Fixed encoding problem for Medium news. We recently found an encoding problem regarding displaying Medium news on our official website. The problem was caused by the special characters. We fixed it by changing the encoding.

7) Reviewed codebase audit results. As we have mentioned before that we conducted an audit for our Sharpay product code and refactoring planning. We reviewed the audit results and we will soon complete the codebase audit report. The audit report will be announced in a big article.

In Sharing We Trust! Team