Sharpay development update in May #1

Dear Community!

Sharpay development update: set up bounty tasks for users, changed the matching algorithm of the user useragent, fixed minimum token withdrawal bug, fixed conversion reward bug in floating buttons, added color option for WordPress static button, etc.

Development is critical for every project, and we put a lot of effort into it. We believe it is a must for all real working projects, and continuous development will bring positive impacts on our Sharpay project. We have been improving our Sharpay buttons and adding new features for users.

Let’s see some of the tasks we have completed recently:

1) Set up bounty tasks for users. We have set up bounty tasks for users to complete and earn extra S tokens. When you log in your Sharpay account, scroll down and you can see “Complete tasks and earn bonus” section. In this section, you can find different bounty tasks to complete. We will soon tell you more about it in special news!

2) Changed the matching algorithm of the user useragent. The verification of the authentication token uses the browser’s useragent header. To check the token, our system would simply compare the current authentication token value and the recorded one in the database. However, if the web browsers updated the useragent, the check would fail and users would be logged out. To fix this, we changed the matching algorithm of useragent.

3) Fixed minimum token withdrawal bug. When updating token information from CMC, if the token value was very small, it would cause the rounding error and show 0 value. It would also cause the error in minimum withdrawal amount. We found the zero-division problem and fixed it.

4) Fixed conversion reward bug in floating buttons. We discovered a bug in a testing, the conversion reward accounting only worked for static buttons, but sometimes it did not work for floating buttons. We made a correction in the script and fixed the bug.

5) Added color option for WordPress plugin static button. We added the color option for static button styling for WordPress plugin. Webmasters are able to change the background color and the font color of the static button on WordPress.

6) Updated the code for login error. We have cleaned and simplified the code that responsible for displaying the warning of inaccessibility of the account.

7) Checked WordPress compatibility. We have checked our Sharpay WordPress plugin compatibility with the latest WordPress 5.2 version. Webmasters can use our Sharpay plugin in their latest WordPress without any problem.

In Sharing We Trust! Team