New Sharpay bounty tasks for all users to earn extra bonuses!

Dear Sharpay Community Members!

Not long ago, we have set up bounty tasks for all users. We would like to tell you more about this new feature.

This bounty is the same with completing tasks in games, where players complete different tasks to receive rewards and extra bonus, to unlock different new adventures and levels. We have been developing and adding different new features, and it is like we are adding different levels for our button users.

We want every user to try our new features, explore and understand our Sharpay functions, that’s how we came up with this idea for you.

All users can join and complete bounty tasks. Log in your Sharpay account, scroll down and you can see “Complete tasks and earn bonus” section. Complete tasks and earn bonuses!

Currently, there are four different tasks available for you to complete and earn extra rewards:

🔸 “Fill your profile”. In this task, you need to enter “Age range”, “Gender”, “Country” in their profile, these will enhance the target audience segmentation. That means, you will be able to receive “Audience” rewards if you are in the website’s target audience group. You can earn 10 S tokens for completing this task.

Please note that this information is not personal data. We do not request or process your personal data, which allows us to identify a person.

🔸 “Connect your social networks”. Connect all your social networks for the first time and earn rewards. The more social networks you connected, the higher sharing rewards you will get. Don’t underestimate your social power, you can help websites promote their business! You can earn 5 S tokens per social network for completing this task.

🔸 “Share a link”. Share a link to social networks you connected for the first time and receive an extra reward for each organic visit on your shared link on each social network. You can earn 5 S tokens per organic visit per social network for completing this task.

🔸 “Add Sharpay button to your site”. Add our share buttons to your site for the first time and receive a bonus when a user shares a link from your site using our share buttons. You can earn 100 S tokens for completing this task!

This idea benefits both users and websites. For users, they can earn more bonuses by completing tasks, try new functions and increase their sharing and conversion bonuses. For webmasters, the more users completed profile tasks, the more precise they can target and match their marketing segments. The more links to the sites will be placed on the social networks of users, the more organic visits the sites will receive! Growth of traffic, growth of registrations, growth of sales, etc.!

We will add more interesting tasks for you, stay tuned and keep exploring our Sharpay buttons! If you have any suggestions about bounty tasks, please do not hesitate to contact our admin (, we are glad to hear from you!

In Sharing We Trust! Team