New sites with Sharpay buttons in May #3

Dear Members!

Sharpay share buttons allow websites to rewards visitors cryptocurrencies to promote their websites. It is the easiest way for users to earn free cryptocurrencies and websites to attract more traffic.

Lots of new websites are using Sharpay buttons for their social media marketing:

1) Hain-sys. Hain-sys provides both front and backend web development services. If you want to have some professionals help you develop your own websites, check it out. (German)

2) Fuengirola Guide. If you are traveling to Fuengirola, a coastline full of incredible and beautiful beaches in Spain, you should visit this travel guide. (English)

3) Faucet Coin. What is cryptocurrency? PoW? Visit Faucet Coin and find out the answers, it gives you all the basic information about cryptocurrency and how it works. (Russian)

In Sharing We Trust! Team