Sharpay is changing the social media marketing

Dear Sharpay Community!

Sharpay share buttons with blockchain rewards are improving the existing social media marketing.

Social media marketing allows small businesses to engage their customers, interact with them, and to gain a large number of potential customers in lesser time. However, the traditional social media marketing is expensive and cost-inefficient for online businesses.

Sharpay share button with blockchain rewards is a new simple hi-tech blockchain-based social media marketing tool for websites. It has no analogues and it is changing the old traditional sharing. Sharpay buttons not only attract visitors to actively share and promote websites for the blockchain rewards, but also maximize the social media marketing results.

🔸 For webmasters. Install our Sharpay share buttons on your websites, follow the below guides and get you own buttons! Increase the conversion of visits to your sites, and be one of the early adopters of this innovative social media marketing tool in this blockchain era!

A) Sharpay share buttons installation guide: HTML method
B) Sharpay share buttons installation guide: WordPress Plugin
C) Sharpay share buttons installation guide: Cloudflare App

🔸 For users. If your favorite websites have not installed our Sharpay share buttons, tell them the benefits of Sharpay share buttons and ask them to install it! It is a win-win for you and your favorite websites!

If you have any questions about our Sharpay buttons, please do not hesitate to contact our admin (

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