servers upgrade

Dear Sharpayers!

Sharpay servers will be upgraded tomorrow, November 18, 2020 at 9:00 PM UTC+0.

As you remember, some time ago we set ourselves the task of optimizing server capacities, reducing costs and increasing productivity. As a result, after analyzing the situation, we decided to abandon Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services in favor of alternative options. The AWS solution has its definite advantages (super fast scalability), but there are also disadvantages (very expensive). Perhaps this is a temporary solution and we will return to AWS in the future. But at the moment, using AWS is not justifying itself for us.

Now, what do we get to. These are dedicated servers from one of the largest European providers. The main thing for us now is that such an upgrade will reduce server costs by more than 3 times, with a multiple increase in performance and an increase in the speed of the system.

We are currently finishing all preparatory work for switching to new servers. In particular, we moved away from using the SQS task queue in favor of our own solution and switched from using EB to Docker containers.

The migration process will be virtually seamless and invisible. All systems before and after the transition will work stably. The final stage of the migration is scheduled for November 18, 2020 at 9:00 PM UTC+0. During this time, interruption in work may last up to 5 minutes.

In Sharing We Trust! Team