share buttons plugin for WordPress has been updated

Hello webmasters!
We have news of a major update for the Sharpay WordPress plugin.

Did you miss the news about our new developments? Have you been waiting? Is your website powered by WordPress? Do you have share buttons on your website? Are these Sharpay share buttons or not? We have news for all questions. We’ve made a big update to our plugin including:

– replaced the outdated static share button with a new, dynamic, “rotating”
– updated the editor for the appearance of the button
– significantly simplified navigation to plugin settings

The plugin is here: Everything works like a charm. Inside the plugin, everything is easier than it seems. Install our plugin on your website and stimulate the sharing of your content with cryptocurrencies from the TOP 100 of CoinMarketCap. In a basic solution, it’s free and boosts organic traffic to your site.

In Sharing We Trust! Team