Q&A with Sharpay.io CEO #1

Hi Sharpayers! One of Sharpay’ community members asked a series of questions in our Telegram support chat to our CEO. We publish questions and answers without cuts. Part 1.

Chris M: Hi! Can I talk to the marketing manager? Can you give me his contact?

sharpay_admin: Hi! We have a small team. Several people deal with all issues. Including marketing. Including this support chat. We answer the questions in turn. The CEO is answering your questions today. My name is Anton.

Chris M: Hi Anton! Nice to meet you! Woow I have never thought about this, talking to the CEO of Sharpay. I wanna ask you:

1) What do you think about the crypto market now?
2) What do you think about blockchain development in the future?
3) Base on the answer #1, as you may notice, the DeFi tokens are going crazy now, have you thought of using DeFi hype to save Sharpay? (as my idea, I told it to your team)
4) What do you think about Sharpay development?
5) What are you going to do to our community?

sharpay_admin: Thank you for your questions.

1)–2) Different countries, one way or another, have taken the path of regulating cryptocurrencies. KYC will increase. This could hinder the development of decentralized cryptocurrencies and strengthen the development of new centralized regulated cryptocurrencies, blockchains and systems. There will be an overflow of liquidity into the regulated plane and a new boom in public and private regulated blockchains and cryptocurrencies. IMHO.

3) Yes, thanks, we are discussing how to use DeFi to benefit Sharpay. But we now have a minimal amount of liquidity. Simply put, there is no money. Therefore, we do not yet know how to get into the DeFi hype at no cost or with minimal cost. The admission price for DeFi marketing has gone up. It seems like it’s easy. In fact, marketing costs a lot of money. We don’t have them.

4) As I said in point 3, and we told you in other messages, it is very difficult for us now. We are very strong technically in code and feature development, but we are weak in marketing, promotion and sales. We are looking for an opportunity to make friends with someone very big (with a very large site or exchange). This will help us get off the ground and get out of the valley of death.

5) We work openly with the community on all social networks. We have never been silent. And when we were good, and now, when it is hard for us. We never gave up. We believe that everything will be fine.

In Sharing We Trust!
Sharpay.io Team