Some new sites with share buttons in Apr #1

Hey Buddies!

Thinking what to do at home? There are lots of new websites that use our Sharpay share buttons, you can get some cryptocurrencies for free by sharing them to your social networks. This time we picked some new interesting websites that you can stay home and learn something new online.

Don’t forget to share them to your social networks using Sharpay buttons!

1) SS Digital Blog. A blog where you can learn, earn and grow, it’s about blogging, SEO, technology, gaming. (English)

2) Swap Tilt. Swap Tilt is a tournament platform, which empowers trading simulations in real-time competitions. (English)

3) Empire of Games. A knowledge base for MMORPGs and other games. You can find lots of useful information and gaming guides. (Russian)

In Sharing We Trust! Team