Sharpay share buttons guide: sharing and visiting history

Hello Guys!

For all the sharing you made from Sharpay share buttons and visiting you get from your shared links, do you know how you can check the rewards? Where to get all the details?

🔸 Sharing history. You can find the history of sharing and rewards. You can see the details of the rewards, the shared content, the social networks used, the number of tokens you received from sharing using Sharpay buttons and the date of the rewards.

Get your sharing history here:

🔸 Visiting history. If someone visits the links that you used Sharpay buttons to share on social networks, you can find all the details and history of your visiting rewards. Our system will check the validity of the visit, and the status will be “unchecked”. Once the visit is checked and passed by our system, the status will change to “checked” and you will receive the visiting rewards.

Check your visiting history and rewards here:

If you have any questions or problems with your sharing, visiting activities and rewards, please feel free to contact our admin (

In Sharing We Trust! Team