Sharpay share buttons guide: Reward mode

Dear Sharpay Webmasters!

Through our active and intensive development, we have released a lot of different new features to improve our share buttons. This week, we would like to tell you about the “Reward mode” you can choose for rewarding users who help promote your website on their social networks.

In “Project setting”, you can see the “User’s Rewards” tab, there are lots of different settings. The first one is “Reward mode”, different reward modes suit different promotional strategies and your budget. There are 4 different reward modes you can select for your share buttons:

1) Shares and Visits. Reward users for both sharing your website content to their social networks and visiting your website through their shared links. [Focus on all targets and methods]

2) Visits. Reward users for visiting your website through their shared links. [Focus on visiting rate]

3) Shares. Reward users for sharing only after checking their shared links of your website. [Focus on sharing on social networks]

4) Promo Shares. Reward users a special big reward for their first confirmed share of your website link on their social networks. The users will receive a minimal sharing reward 1 S token afterward. [Boost promotion events]

You may read more about Promo Shares here:

If you have any questions about project settings, please do not hesitate to contact our admin (, we are glad to solve all your problems!

In Sharing We Trust! Team