released the new high conversion “Promo Shares” mode for buttons!

Dear Sharpay Webmasters! is thrilled to announce that “Promo Shares” is available in the reward mode for webmasters. Reward users using “Promo Shares” and increase your website’s traffic!

Before, we only had 3 modes (“Shares and Visits”, “Shares” and “Visits”) for webmasters to set their rewarding method and reward users with tokens. Right now, we launched and added the fourth mode — “Promo Shares”.

What is “Promo Shares”?
“Promo Shares” is a new unique feature for webmasters to boost the traffic to their websites for their promotional events. “Promo Shares” will reward a special large token reward for a user’s first sharing. It aims to get users’ attention and initiative to share website’s content to their social network for the first time.

Why “Promo Shares”?
“Promo shares” is a powerful feature for webmasters to boost their websites’ traffic. If a webmaster activates “Promo shares” feature along with their special promotional event, they will attract +80% more traffic (e.g.) and +300% number of shares (e.g.) in the first week of implementation. This is a game changing feature for webmasters to massively increase their websites’ traffic.

How does it work?
When webmasters enable the “Promo Shares” reward for their website, users will receive an attractive encouraging sizable amount of tokens for their first sharing, for example, 1 BNB (10 USDT / 1 ETH / etc.). Over the next sharing, the users will receive a minimal sharing reward 1 S token.

How to set up “Promo Shares”?
1) Go to “Manage Projects” (
2) Choose your project that you want to use “Promo Shares” reward.
3) Go to “User’s Rewards” tab and click “Promo Shares” for the reward mode.
4) Enter a big reward amount you want to give for the first sharing in “Share rate”.
5) Enter a “Promo start” date that you wish to start using it.
6) Click “Save Project”.

If you have any questions about our new features, please feel free to contact our admin (, we are glad to help you out!

In Sharing We Trust! Team