Store your S tokens on the Ledger hardware wallet!

Dear Sharpay Community Members! is excited to announce that you can now store your S tokens on Ledger wallet, the most trusted hardware wallets in the world!

Great news at the beginning of 2020! Congratulations! Ledger support our S token and you can now store your S tokens to their wallets. Ledger wallet is one of the most famous and secure hardware wallets to safeguard your crypto assets. There are some key benefits to use Ledger for storing your S tokens:

🔸 Safe wallet for your S tokens. Your private key is protected within a secure chip locked by a PIN code. The Ledger Nano S is fully-certified by ANSSI where you can keep your S tokens safely.

🔸 Support S token and other cryptos. You can keep all your S tokens on Ledger as well as many other top cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, EOS.

🔸 Easy to manage your S tokens. You can easily manage your S tokens and other cryptocurrencies with the Ledger Live application.

How to store S tokens on your Ledger:
Update your Ledger Live or download the latest version.
2) Connect your Ledger hardware wallet.
3) Install the latest version of the Ethereum app on your device.
4) Select one of your Ethereum accounts or create a special new one only for S tokens.
5) Send your S tokens to the Ethereum account.

You can find out more information on their official website ( Try it and safeguard your S tokens with Ledger wallet!

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In Sharing We Trust! Team