2019 development summary

Hello Sharpayers!

2019 is coming to an end, we want to summarize the main results of our project. What we have done and developed, and what we are planning to do in 2020.

🔸 First of all, we put only sharing with blockchain rewards as our main project’s feature, and kept improving and developing unparalleled new features for our project. We released our smart direct share buttons for webmasters to share content on all main social networks in the world.

🔸 We also introduced you our latest user interface and stylish upgraded sharing window designed with the 2019’ UI / UX trends. With the new UI/UX framework, we made the new animated direct share buttons for sites with mobile responsive design and added modal sharing window as well!

🔸 Communication is the key for all of us, and that is why we spent a lot of time to review and improve our system tooltips, there were 29 pages of our improvements and corrections. We implemented a unique case, making all the tooltips in the first person.

🔸 We managed to increase the accuracy of reaching potential customers by adding different elements and settings for user and webmasters. For our system wallet, we added different new functions, and you are able to buy, deposit, withdraw S tokens.

🔸 Finally, we launched a referral program, affiliate program and bounty tasks for users and webmasters.

🔸 At the end of this year, we finally began to push our model onto monetization rails, but we will talk about this in more detail next year.

🔸 We saved our S token in listing 2 good exchanges from the CMC list, they are IDEX and SIMEX. IDEX is in the Top 50 Cryptocurrency Exchanges by Liquidity on CMC, this is very cool! We are confident in these exchanges, because they are regulated by US laws, and you can easily buy S token on both exchanges at any time!

🔸 Unfortunately, this year we lost our third exchange (OEX), on which our S token was also listed on. The OEX exchange disappeared without a trace along with our massive deposits (more than 10 BTC in different currencies at the exchange rate). We apologize for this risk. Because of the OEX incident, we are no longer in a hurry to list our S token on new exchanges. However, we have confidence that our S token will appear on one very large exchange in 2020!

All that we managed to do was done in the conditions of the ongoing harsh crypto winter, because of which a lot of projects died. In these difficult conditions, under the fire of criticism, we managed to survive, save our project, our team and hope, most importantly – we retained your trust and faith in us.

Every week we published a lot of news about our developments and we will continue to do so in 2020! Thank you for being with us, we will do everything for success!

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Happy New Year!

In New 2020 Year We Trust! Team