launched new smart direct share buttons for growing site traffic

Dear Sharpay Webmasters! is proud to announce that new smart direct share buttons with social media priority features are now available to all webmasters.

We analyzed and studied different sharing cases and sharing behavior. We found out that the sequence and the availability of different social networks directly influence user’s intention to share. If a user who reads interesting content sees his favorite social network in the first place among others in sharing buttons, the probability of sharing and the frequency of sharing increase.

We took this into account and made our Sharpay share buttons smart. We added the smart priority element on our direct share buttons. Now, if your website has installed Sharpay direct share buttons, the display order of different social networks will always be rebuilt in a row for each user of your site.

The smart direct share buttons work as follows:

1) First, we get and record user’s sharing data and behavior in our database, for example, user’s region, sharing history, social network preference.

2) Then, we use our social network priority functions to determine and re-sort the direct share buttons display order for each user.

3) We store the social network priority cache in localStorage to avoid making extra requests to our servers.

4) Every time the user interacts with any of our share buttons, our system will update the cache. The next time the website page is loaded, the user will see an updated sorting.

The conversion of sharing content from your site will grow for two reasons.

🔸 Token rewards for visiting links a user shared on their social media. Because of this visiting reward, which encourages users to actively share. It is the main feature of Sharpay, and it has no analogues.

🔸 Sharpay’s smart direct share buttons. Re-sorting social networks for users increases sharing rate.

Install and use smart direct share buttons on your websites on If you have any questions regarding share buttons, please do not hesitate to contact our Admin (

In Sharing We Trust! Team