Sharpay development update in Sep #2

Dear Community!

Sharpay development update: studied TON blockchain and Binance Chain for integration, improved Google Analytics to get detailed statistics on website activity, refined UI and added more social networks in social network settings, etc.

This week, we have made a lot of improvements in our system for webmasters. Let us tell you some of the tasks we have completed.

1) Studied TON blockchain for integration. For the TON blockchain, we raised a node in Testnet that gives TON and its architecture, and we studied the possibilities of integration. We are considering to create our work-chain with proper transaction rules, we will test different blockchain platforms and choose the most suitable one. We will tell you more about the TON blockchain integration and its results in special news.

2) Studied and prepared the integration of BNB tokens of the Binance Chain. We aim to add more tokens for webmasters to reward users for sharing content. Binance has a very good documentation and a ready SDK for us to test our idea. It is very helpful for us to study to possibilities of rewarding users with BNB token and all tokens from Binance Chain. We will announce the progress and results in special news.

3) Improved Google Analytics to get detailed statistics on website activity. In order to gather detailed statistical data of websites which installed our Sharpay buttons, we have improved the Google Analytics (GA). We changed a little bit in our script, and GA will now get the website’s button activity when loading the script.

4) Refined UI and added more social networks in social network settings. In the social networks setting, we have improved the UI and added more popular social networks, for example, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, etc. Webmasters can now select more favorite social networks for their own Sharpay buttons.

5) Improved social networks display order for direct share button installation. We have improved the order of social networks in the direct share button installation setting. Webmasters can review the order and how the buttons look like in the preview window.

6) Removed fee when withdrawing deposit nature tokens. Recently, we released the new wallet features, however, the withdrawal fee should not be included if users buy tokens from us or deposit tokens to his Sharpay account. We noticed this misunderstanding and corrected it by removing the fee in certain cases. 10% withdrawal fee is only applicable if users earn their tokens from sharing website content and completing bounty tasks.

7) Fixed Sharpay’s website display in Safari for iOS and MacOS. The widgets on our official website were not displayed correctly in Safari. We checked and fixed the JavaScript to change the style values.

8) Optimized the number of requests to CMC. We used up the request limits very quickly, so we optimized the number of requests to CoinMarketCap in our Admin settings.

In Sharing We Trust! Team