launches rewards for sharing with any cryptocurrencies

Dear founders of any cryptocurrency! (share buttons with blockchain rewards) launches the ability to connect rewards for sharing for any crypto projects with any native coins / tokens.

Previously, Sharpay share buttons could pay rewards for sharing in:

  • S (Sharpay) tokens
  • any ERC-20 tokens
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • any coins from the TOP 100 CoinMarketCap list (smart rewards)

Now you (as a founder or a member of the team of any cryptocurrency project) can connect your native coin as a reward for sharing! For your site in the first place. So:

  • if you work in a blockchain project that has its own coins
  • if you have a website with news about the development of your project (must have)
  • if you have a Telegram channel with news (must have)
  • if you want to increase SMM coverage from +25% to “several times”
  • if you want your news to be shared more on social networks
  • if you want to significantly increase the organic traffic of the target audience (friends of friends) to the site of your project
  • if you want to increase the number of registrations
  • if you want to increase your sales

Install share buttons with rewards on your website and in the Telegram channel. And you will pay rewards only in your coins / tokens!

We have been planning this update for a long time. Now we made it. This is the promised second news from the cycle, to which the community motivated us.

If you ask, are there any examples of projects that pay rewards for sharing with their own cryptocurrencies? Sure. For example:

Look at their sites on how the rewards for sharing their own coins of the project work. And install share buttons with rewards on your website. To do this, contact our admin in Telegram:

In Sharing We Trust! Team