new FAQ

Hey Buddies! updated FAQ to meet the new version of the system.

We have been developing and refining our Sharpay share buttons for more than 2 years. The previous version of our FAQ is no longer relevant due to our new developments and features. We have added a lot of new questions and answers about our newly released functions.

We have included lots of new topics, how smart reward works, how users withdraw their tokens, the rewarding modes for webmasters and Telegram channel owners, how to add share buttons on Telegram channels, etc. For example:

How to add Sharpay buttons to a Telegram channel?
In order for the Sharpay buttons to be automatically added to each new post in your Telegram channel, you need to register in and connect your Telegram account. After that, follow the instructions for setting up the Sharpay bot (

What is a smart reward?
If the website or Telegram channel uses the smart rewards mode, users will be rewarded with cryptocurrency from the list of TOP 100 CoinMarketCap, which showed the best price increase in the last 24 hours.

What is a “Pending reward”?
Sharpay checks 24 hours all shares and user visits. This is done to avoid abuse and cheating. Rewards will be rewarded for all shares and visits that pass the test.

We hope our updated FAQ ( can answer your questions about our share buttons. If you think there are some Q&As we should include, please do contact our (

In Sharing We Trust! Team