officially launched Smart Rewards share buttons with TOP 100 cryptocurrencies!

Dear Sharpay Webmasters! is proud to release the revolutionary Smart Rewards share buttons! Webmasters are now able to reward users in any cryptocurrency from the TOP 100 of CMC list.

To start this wonderful year, we bring you our new revolutionary Sharpay share buttons with Smart Rewards feature! The idea of Smart Rewards is to reward users for sharing interesting content from your sites with the best and profitable cryptocurrencies in this fluctuating crypto market. We developed and tested our new Smart Rewards feature, and now it is ready for all webmasters to use!

🔸 What is Smart Rewards?
Smart Rewards feature is designed for webmasters and users. It allows webmasters to reward users with the cryptocurrency which has the highest daily price growth rate based on CoinMarketCap.

🔸 Why Smart Rewards?
Smart Rewards give Webmasters a new reward method to attract more users to share and promote their websites. Users, especially crypto enthusiasts are eager to earn and own as many as cryptocurrencies as they can, and our Smart Rewards function gives them the opportunity to make a portfolio of different best cryptocurrencies by sharing website content using Sharpay buttons.

🔸 How does it work?
Our system will automatically check the TOP 100 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap every hour, and select the top cryptocurrency with the highest growth rate in the last 24 hours. That top cryptocurrency will be used for rewarding users for shares and visits.

🔸 How to enable Smart Rewards?
Go to “Manage Projects” (
2) Choose your project that you want to use Smart Rewards.
3) Go to “User’s Rewards” tab and click “Use Smart Rewards”.
4) Click “Activate Smart Rewards”.

Try the latest Sharpay share button with Smart Rewards on our official blog we recently developed for our official news (! Earn different top cryptocurrencies every day!

In Sharing We Trust! Team