Development Update in Feb #1

Dear Sharpay Community Members!

Sharpay development update: optimized the UI/UX of menu bar for direct sharing buttons, fixed the copy link option for the direct sharing buttons in mobile version, fixed website code checker for Cloudflare plugin, etc.

We constantly review and test our Sharpay share button to make sure that we can give you the best sharing experience and the best share buttons. Recently, we have fixed a lot of bugs and improved the UI/UX of our share buttons. Let us tell you some of them:

1) Optimized the UI/UX of menu bar for direct sharing buttons. We added reward information in the menu bar of direct sharing buttons. Users can see what token and how much they can get from each organic sharing and visiting. We also refine the social network display, now it only displays 7 different social networks plus the copy link share option. Users can click “more” to find and share to their favorite social networks.

2) Fixed the copy link option for the direct sharing buttons in the mobile version. When we did the testing for direct sharing buttons, we found that in the mobile version, the copy link option was missing. We quickly reviewed our code and added back the copy link option.

3) Fixed website code checker for Cloudflare plugin. When webmasters installed their share buttons on their website using Cloudflare plugin, the website code check did not work. The system did not know if webmasters have installed the buttons or not. We have refined the button installation code checker and fixed the problem.

4) Fixed the display of project costs summary in the desktop panel. The project costs summary in the desktop panel did not change the size dynamically to fit the window. The graphic would overlap with nearby data. We fixed the column size and the data display.

5) Fixed the notification menu in the mobile version. In the mobile version, when users clicked the menu, it would display the left side and only show half of the notification menu. We adjusted the position values to fix the display problem.

6) Transferred the website online status checker to the background task. Before, if the website was offline, the checker would take a long time and the project editing page would load for a long time. We therefore transferred the website online status check to the background task to reduce the loading time of the project editing page.

7) Optimized direct sharing buttons loading speed. The loading time for direct sharing buttons was 5 seconds and for the animation was 1 second. In order to improve the user experience, we refined and optimized the loading speed. It required only 4 seconds now for the direct sharing buttons and only 0.5 second for the animation.

8) Improved and updated the token list display on the user dashboard. Before, the token list would display on the left side of the user dashboard vertically, and because of that, there would be a large empty space below the activity history. To improve the interface, we changed the column values and the token card position. Now the token list will leave no space and display both on the left and also under activity history.

In Sharing We Trust! Team