Development Update in Dec #1

Dear Sharpay Supporters!

Sharpay development update: added hover color option for direct share buttons, added an extra reward caption in the sharing window and widgets, added “Reward” caption in the direct share button animation, enhanced affiliate program security, etc.

We just released our Referral Program and Affiliate Program recently, and we did a lot of tasks to improve the design of our share buttons in order to attract more users and webmasters, we also fixed some bugs and refined our system. Let’s see some of our finished tasks:

1) Added hover color option for direct share buttons. For direct share buttons, webmasters are now able to change the hover color for icons, they can choose “Official” which is the official color of the chosen social networks, “Lighter” or “Darker” color. Users can see the changes when their mouse moves over the button icons.

2) Added an extra reward caption in the sharing window and widgets. For new users who can get an extra reward from referral program, we added the caption in the sharing window and widgets to get their attention and attract them to make their first share.

3) Added “Reward” caption in the direct share button animation. To add the “Reward” caption in the animation, we had to switch from CSS animation of slides to control animation through JavaScript. Because flipping CSS based slides at the beginning of each cycle does a rollback to starting values (from 360 to 0 degree), also with animation (showing all three slides in reverse in a split second). We were able to make the animation always in front. We just calculated the next angle of rotation by adding the value to the current position (0, 120, 240, 360, 480, 600 etc.). The maximum rotation size is 20-digit value, which will allow the widget to work without stopping for more than 327 million years.

4) Enhanced affiliate program security to prevent cheating. In our affiliate program development, we tested different methods to cheat in the affiliate program. Based on the testing results, we increased the security and improved the affiliate program system to prevent cheating. Users will not be able to their own affiliate links and websites to cheat in the affiliate program.

5) Added logging to account merging when transferring users with referrals. When we developed our referral program, we added logging to account merging function. It will record all users with referrals when merging accounts. It helps us to find unexpected bugs during the account merging with referrals.

6) Improved domain value memorization in case of registration form error. We have improved and added the domain field in the registration form for new webmasters. The form will keep the values entered by new users in case there is an error in the registration process.

7) Added user binding to partner during user registration through Sharpay API. In the affiliate program, when a new user registers an account through Oauth API, we bind the partner’s ID to the new user.

8) Fixed an error in deleting user accounts. During our system testing for new features, we found an error in deleting user accounts. There was a problem with parent and foreign keys, we updated our queries and fixed it.

9) Updated the UI and design in Oauth controller. We have updated the Oauth controller to the latest UI and design to give our users the best user experience.

In Sharing We Trust! Team