officially releases Affiliate Program for webmasters with extra rewards!

Hello Sharpay Community! officially launches an Affiliate Program and reward you with S tokens for bringing new webmasters. Join our Affiliate Program, invite new webmasters via your personal affiliate link and earn extra rewards!

Last week we launched the Referral Program, and now we have a new release for you — we are launching the Affiliate Program with extra rewards! What’s the difference?

The Referral Program mainly to attract more ordinary users to our Sharpay community who simply share interesting content from sites with our buttons and receive rewards for this. Each referrer who attracts such users can get a 100 S tokens referral reward, and each new referred user can get a 100 S tokens welcome extra reward.

But, for those ordinary users to get interesting content from, it is necessary to have as many sites as possible install effective share buttons. In order to grow our Sharpay’s network, we exclusively developed Affiliate Program for bringing new webmasters. Affiliate Program gives you an opportunity to earn extra token rewards by bringing new webmasters to Sharpay community. All new webmasters who register via your personal affiliate link will be tied to your account, and you will earn an immense amount of rewards from your affiliated webmasters.

There are several types of rewards in this affiliate program you and your new webmasters can benefit from:

🔸 400 S tokens new affiliate reward for you. For each new webmasters who registered a new account through your personal link and set up a new website project,

you will receive 400 S tokens reward after they install and use Sharpay buttons to share content.

🔸 400 S tokens welcome extra reward for new webmasters too! Your new affiliated webmasters will also receive 400 S tokens welcome reward after they install and use Sharpay buttons to share content.

🔸 Extra 3% of the tokens spent by your affiliated webmasters (release soon!). You will receive a 3% of the token rewards spent by your affiliated webmasters on their websites. You will receive the reward payments when your affiliated webmasters installs and uses Sharpay buttons. This feature (3%) is not yet active, but soon we will release it and explain in detail how it works.

To become a member of the affiliate program, you only need to take your personal affiliate link here ( and share it in all possible ways among the webmasters. We have simplified the registration process for new webmasters, your link will lead them to the registration form with only 2 fields, invite your friends and try it!

But that’s not all. For all participants of our Sharpay affiliate program, our API is also available, which allows you to register accounts (via oAuth) and manage some settings of webmaster projects. Links to API documentation are available on the affiliate program page in your Sharpay account.

The use of the API will be of interest primarily to developers of website builder services, owners of free share sharing plugins or developers who will make Sharpay plugins for site management systems (CMS). All webmasters who will use products and services with the integrated Sharpay API will be tied to the partner accounts of their owners. You can see an example of how the Sharpay API works in our plugin for Cloudflare (

If you have any questions or problems about the affiliate program, please feel free to contact our Admin (

In Sharing We Trust! Team