added “interests” element for webmasters and users for precise marketing

Dear Sharpay Community Members! added “interests” element in profile and audience setting for both users and webmasters to increase the accuracy of reaching potential customers.

Market segmentation is the process of dividing a target market into smaller groups of people that share common characteristics. We studied different segmentations and we found out that adding “interests” in segmentation could greatly increase the accuracy of reaching potential customers. If users have the same interests as webmaster’s audience setting, for example, “shopping” and “fashion”, it will have a higher chance that users’ friends and followers from their social networks have the same interests, and those are webmaster’s potential customers.

Therefore, we added “interests” element for both users and webmasters. Webmasters can get their specific potential customers and reward users with extra tokens, and users can earn extra tokens if they are webmasters’ target audience.

🔸 For users. You can add interests in your profile and earn extra token rewards from sharing and visiting. By adding your interests, you will also earn 10 S tokens from “Add my interests” bounty task.

🔸 For webmasters. You can manage your projects and add interests in your audience setting. With audience setting, if the users meet the criteria, they can earn more token rewards from sharing and visiting.

To set up audience in your project, you may follow the below simple steps:

1) Go to “Manage projects”.
2) Choose your project and click “Edit”.
3) Go to “Audience” tab and click “Configure rewards increase”.
4) Check “Turn on rewards increase for selected audience group” box.
5) Set “Genders”, “Age groups”, “Countries” and “Interests”.
6) Click “Save” to finish.

*Please note that you cannot change the “Rewards increase coefficient” at the moment. It will be available when our S token bounty program is finished.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our Admin.

In Sharing We Trust! Team