Sharpay development update in Sep #1

Dear Sharpay Supporters!

Sharpay development update: added email address verification, removed RenRen social network from direct sharing, fixed an error in merging Line accounts, fixed an error in updating system version, etc.

Even though we released different new functions not so long ago, we do not stop developing and improving our system. There are some changes and improvements we made.

1) Added email address verification. Now, every user needs to confirm his email address (by email or social network) after registration. If he has not confirmed his email address, he will get a message when he logs into Sharpay and he will not be able to use his account. We added the email address verification to prevent botnet and fake accounts.

In creating the email verification, we considered three different proposals and we finally picked the following. If a user registers an account by email, our system will display a message with a request to confirm his email address. System will show a link for resending confirmation email once a day. When the user logs in through his social network which uses the same email address, our system will confirm the email address automatically.

2) Removed Chinese social network RenRen from direct sharing. The popularity of RenRen has dropped significantly over the past few years, also it did not give much technical support to our Sharpay development. We have therefore deactivated and removed RenRen social network from our sharing buttons, and focus on WeChat and Weibo in the China market.

3) Fixed an error in merging Line accounts. If a user used Line to log into his account and that Line account was already connected to other Sharpay account, an error would occur and he could not log into his Sharpay account. We found the error and fixed the account merging function.

4) Fixed an error in updating system version. There was an error when updating our system version, the software failed to complete the update and remained in the update status. We had to urgently deploy a duplicate instance to restore the normal operation of our system.

5) Fixed User Guide for small screen sizes. After we released the new User Guide feature, we discovered that it would not display correctly in small screen sizes. The animation and description would slightly shift. We fixed the spacing and style values for all screen sizes.

6) Disabled the request of number of friends on Facebook. Due to the removal of Facebook access to users’ friends, we have disabled the request of getting such data when users authorize and connect their Facebook accounts to Sharpay.

7) Created internal notification of incoming transactions. We created internal notification in our Admin panel for incoming transactions. The transactions are buying, depositing, withdrawing transactions.

In Sharing We Trust! Team