Manage your account’s wallet

Dear Sharpay Members!

Understand your Sharpay’s account wallet and manage it easily.

Today, we are going to teach you how to manage your Sharpay account’s wallet. There are three sections on the wallet page:

🔸 Balance. This is a summary of the tokens you have in your Sharpay account. It displays all balances of your tokens and their values in USD. The USD value of the token is calculated at the market rate on CoinMarketCap. Recently, we have released the new wallet functions; and users are able to “Buy”, “Deposit” and “Withdraw” S tokens. You will receive emails and system notifications for all successful token purchase, deposit and withdrawal transactions. You may check the below link for details:

New Sharpay wallet functions released! Buy, deposit and withdraw S tokens!

🔸 Transaction History. This shows you all confirmed token transfer in and out transactions, such as tokens paid for sharing / visiting (for webmasters), tokens received from sharing / visiting (for Sharpay button users), bounty bonuses, token withdrawal and deposit transactions. For each transaction record, you can find the Txn (transaction number), type, age (transaction age), value and fee. You can click on the Txn to get a detailed transaction summary.

🔸 Token under review. This shows you all unconfirmed token rewards and expenses, such as unconfirmed tokens earned from sharing / visiting (for Sharpay button users), unconfirmed tokens spent for sharing / visiting (for webmasters).

❗ Please note that, the unconfirmed tokens are not added or deducted in your available Balance and they are not included in Transaction History. Our system will check and approve only qualified token transfers. The token transaction checking takes up to 24 hours. During the checking period, if there are any unconfirmed token payments, our system will freeze the same number of tokens in your account balance for future deduction. You will receive system notifications for all confirmed token transfers.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Admin.

In Sharing We Trust! Team