launches new sharing window and user panel!

Dear Our Beloved Community! is proud to introduce you our latest stylish upgraded sharing window and user panel designed with the 2019’ UI / UX trends.

UI and UX are always changing, we keep improving our sharing window and Sharpay system to give you the best user experience. We worked for months and months, kept testing and trying, finally we chose the best framework.

Our latest sharing window and user panel are upgraded with the 2019’ UI / UX trends, and we made lots of big impressive changes on how users share with our Sharpay share buttons and how users manage their accounts easily.

We not only optimize and maximize your user experience, but also let you decide how you want to share! We would like to tell you some key upgrades in our sharing window and user panel.

🔸 1) Additional modal design sharing window. Webmasters are able to choose to display the sharing window in modal effect in the button customization settings. A modal window is a javascript effect that displays on top of the current page. The main benefit of modal windows is that they avoid window pop-ups and additional page reloads. Seamless sharing in modal window brings all users perfect sharing experience!

🔸 2) Eye-catching interactive sharing animation and design. Every time you click on share, you will see an interactive animation modal window fade in and then slide down all the sharing choices for you. The top part of the modal window gives you a short description of the current page you are visiting, and you can see our Sharpay icon flipping with the token reward rolling under it. The S token reward is displayed in USD, and is synced with CoinMarketCap, that means you can always get the real time price calculated by CoinMarketCap. Now you are able to see what token rewards and how much you are going to get from sharing and from each visit!

We also added different toggle and hover effects. When you toggle different sharing options, they will show and hide with animation. When you hover over the text, it will be highlighted in our Sharpay orange color. The section body will be zoomed in when you hover over it, and zoomed out when you leave it.

Besides, we use the same animation and interface for our We selected the best font and colors to use in our design. You may also see your token balance at the top is rolling with animation, the drop down menu is clean and clear. The overall interactive animation and the design are smart and attractive, which gives you a refreshing user interface!

🔸 3) Boundless sharing options. In the old sharing system, you could not choose what sharing methods you wanted and it was always decided by the websites. Before, we separated “Simple sharing” and “Multisharing”. They were independent and connected to different social networks, and only the webmasters could decide how users share their website content.

In our new sharing window, we put all sharing methods together, and you are not restricted by the types of share buttons website installed. You are able to choose “Direct sharing with rewards”, “Multisharing with rewards” or just copy the referral link for sharing with rewards. This gives you the freedom to share in your own way, and an opportunity to share website content to all your connected social networks!

🔸 4) User friendly and attractive user panel. The user panel has upgraded with new UI / UX design. The menu is on your left hand side, you can toggle and manage different sections. The homepage displays your account summary and bounty tasks. Everything has redesigned with distinctive colors and appearance. You can see that the information is displayed in details.

🔸 5) Neat smart card presentation. We dropped the old information framework and used smart card presentation especially for the bounty tasks and website projects. The smart card design gives you all clear information and action buttons. You can manage your website projects easily and tidily. Our system will also regularly display notifications, tips and new features for users in smart card format in user homepage and webmaster area.

🔸 6) Interactive and clear user guide. We have added user guides in different pages to explain different features and give instructions to users. You can find the “User Guide” button at the top of some pages like user dashboard and wallet. When you click on the “User Guide”, it will pop up an interactive modal window to explain different features and sections.

We translated our system into 4 languages: English, Chinese, Korean and Russian. Unfortunately, the Korean translation is not good enough, because we do not have a good Korean translator. If you speak excellent Korean and English and you are willing to help us improve the Korean translation, please contact us and we will reward you with a large amount of S tokens for Korean translation as a bounty.

Try our new sharing interface and tell us what you think. We will keep improving our user sharing experience. If you discover any errors, bugs, broken links, buttons, etc., please inform us (, we will pay for the most serious bugs under our bug bounty programme.

In Sharing We Trust! Team