Sharpay development update in Jul #1

Dear Sharpay Members!

Sharpay development update: added user’s completed tasks to Admin panel, a new function to send notification messages to individual users, improved account merging function, fixed audience settings error, etc.

Development requires continuous testing and improving. We have been developing Sharpay project for more years, added a lot of new functions and features. During the long development path, we keep reviewing and improving our system. There are some errors we fixed and improvements we made lately:

1) Added user’s completed tasks to Admin panel. We added the user’s completed tasks to our Admin panel, so we can easily check what bounty tasks the user has completed and speed up the checking when there are unpredictable errors.

2) Added function to send notification messages to individual users. Before adding this function, we used to contact and inform users by emails for different issues. Now, our Admins are able to send notification messages to individual users or to all users within the system, users can check the messages when they log into their Sharpay accounts.

3) Improved account merging function. We have mentioned about the issue regarding account merging function and bounty tasks before, we reviewed the merging function and changed the merging condition. After the improvement, the merging function will only consider active accounts and it will not transfer any disabled account balance when merging.

4) Fixed audience settings error. When a webmaster delegated project edit right to a user, the delegated user could not edit the audience settings and the system would show an error. We reviewed the audience setting page and fixed the code associated with the audience editing rights.

5) Fixed the email sending bug. There was a problem when sending emails via Amazon Simple Email Service. The problem would increase the connection timeout and pause before the second attempt to send an email to a user. We found the bug which caused the problem and fixed it.

We are speeding up our new interface development and very soon we will release it. The new interface has followed the 2019’ UI / UX trend as we have mentioned before. The user panel has improved a lot and it is very user-friendly and stylish. Also, the new sharing window has completely changed and integrated with different new features. We are sure that it will bring our users the best sharing experience. Stay tuned!

We welcome all new suggestions, if you have any ideas, feel free to contact us (

In Sharing We Trust! Team