New sites with Sharpay buttons in Jun #2

Dear Members!

Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social networks in order to increase websites’ traffic and sales. Sharpay enables online businesses and websites to maximize their marketing results.

Lots of new websites joined our Sharpay community and are using our Sharpay share buttons:

1) Helsinki Guide. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a fun city to visit. If you’re visiting Helsinki, you can get more information on (English)

2) 一攫千金ブログ. It shares tweets about crypto every day. To see what is going on in the crypto market and get some ideas about ICO, you can visit (Japanese)

3) GoldVoice Club. The social network GoldVoice Club is based on the GOLOS mediablockchain. It provides the community with a convenient and familiar interface with a bias towards existing social networks (inspired by Twitch, LJ, Vkontakte). (Russian)

If you have websites and want to boost your traffic and sales, please ask your site admin to install our Sharpay share buttons here (

In Sharing We Trust! Team